What type of Valentine’s Day Person are You?

Are you a diehard romantic or does the thought of Valentine’s day make you groan … here are a few categories you could fall into.

Whether we welcome it with open arms or closed fists, Valentine’s Day comes around each year bringing with it very different emotions. 

You’re a “It’s just another day” kind of person

Oh, it’s Valentine’s day you say out loud when you try to go out for dinner but everywhere is booked for tables of two and its not do to covid restrictions. You do not let that bother you and you are happy to be single! Or for those in a relationship who would feel their expression of love for one another shouldn’t be limited to one day, you all prefer to skip out on the organised fun and just have a chill one at home.

Photo By Anna Shevets


You’re a “I wish everyday was Valentine’s day” kind of person

Just embrace it, you are expecting rose petals on the stairs, on the bed and in the bath. That is ok as long as you don’t share it all over your Instagram. 

Photo by Marcelo Chagas

You’re a “I Hate Valentine’s Day” kind of person

You’ve recently been dumped or have just had too many bad experiences with dating. It’s either a Bridget Jones all by myself moment with a pot noodle and a bottle of wine or you put your trainers on and go for a run. 

Photo by Victoria Borodinova

You’re a “Let’ not do gifts” kind of person

As a couple you decide not to do gifts this year, but I mean chocolates and flowers don’t count as gifts yeah? P.s. If you are struggling for gifts have a look at our curated gift boxes we know your special ones will love!

Photo by Anna Tarazevich

You’re a “Valentine’s day is a girls/boys night” kind of person

You rally the fellow singletons, movie, popcorn and prosecco or Fifa, takeout and beers. You can sit with your besties and enjoy the freedom of being single and enjoy all that comes with the label. Whatever your thoughts may be about Valentine’s Day, this year’s celebration is certainly going to be a bit different for everyone.

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Happy Valentine’s
Endowery x

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