The perfect gifts for your First Valentine’s Day together!

Finding the middle ground of too “chill” and too “keen”.

Valentine’s Day is this weekend (14th February … for those that need a little reminder). So, if you haven’t already it is time to start thinking now! A very big part of Valentine’s is the gift giving and if you are in a fresh relationship you might be feeling some pressure. Endowery wants to help you love birds in Hong Kong and share some advice on the art of giving. Our main recommendation and especially for those spending your first Valentine’s together: do not stress! This is not a test, it is a day to spend some time together and celebrate your relationship.

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The First of Many

The most exciting part of a First Valentine’s is that it is, essentially, a tabula rasa, a blank slate. You can start your own traditions and hopefully it will be the first Valentine’s of many more to come. If it is really early on in the relationship, you may not know your partner’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day. It is best to find out and then you can start making your romantic plans. For your first Valentine’s Day together you do not need to be extravagant and, more importantly, do not compare to anyone else!

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Dinner Date

If you have been dating for a short time and don’t want to seem too keen with a big outrageous gift, perhaps you can do something more memorable together. Food is the way to many hearts. Why not have a go at making your partner’s favourite dish or make a meal together and share a bottle of wine. The DATE NIGHT gift box accompanies any romantic evening at home and adds a little extra flair. Create mood lighting with the BeCandle x Sally Coco Massage Candle. After lighting the massage candle for about 30 minutes (or longer, no need to rush) the natural wax blended with coconut oil melts and is ready for your next gift, a body massage.

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For Her

Chocolates, flowers and a card are the most common gifts this holiday and nearly always a winner, but maybe you don’t want to be generic on your First Valentine’s. It is definitely not too “cheesy” to give something a bit more thoughtful to your girlfriend. Maybe you have noticed how stressed your girlfriend has been at work recently, the TREAT YOURSELF gift box includes a few essentials to pamper your loved one and make her smile.

For Him

Does your boyfriend have a favourite whisky or did you drink something special together on your first date? Pair THE WHISKY ONE gift box with his favourite bottle and share a little cheers on Valentine’s Day. Or get creative and invent a signature Valentine’s cocktail for your evening in together.

Photo by Glen Carrie

Endowery loves to play Cupid and to help make the art of gifting easier for you. Our boxes come pre-made or you can use our bespoke gifting concierge services to help curate the perfect gift for your loved one. Each gift box comes with a card and your personal message, don’t worry, we are very good at keeping secrets. We hope your First Valentine’s Day is one to remember!

Happy Valentine’s!

Endowery x

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