Us “Endowery”, “Endowery Hong Kong” are brand names used by Zipline Design.

 Privacy Policy Endowery respects your privacy and is committed to protecting all the information you provide to us. We value our relationship with you and appreciate that you may be concerned about the personal and financial information you may provide to us when you visit our website. Accordingly, we have developed this Privacy Policy to inform you about how we collect and use your private information. You can then make a choice about using the website. 

Zipline Design is a sole proprietor incorporated in Hong Kong. It conducts its business through this website. When you visit the Endowery website, personal information and non-personal data will be collected depending on the nature of your visit. The Zipline Design/Endowery Privacy Policy covers all personal information and non-personal data collection.   

Personal Information 

Your personal information is respected and handled with the utmost of care. Personal information includes your name, address and other features of your identity including your user and contact details. This information supports the user relationship with Zipline Design and is not used for any other purpose other than for use by Zipline Design. You can rest assured knowing that Zipline Design will not pass on or sell your personal information to any third party without your consent (or as required by law). The information is collected for the purposes of transactions conducted with Zipline Design and for our in-house marketing purposes. This enables us to improve the level of service we provide to you.   

Non-Personal Data By visiting the Zipline Design/Endowery website, Zipline Design may collect a variety of non-personal information such as

  1. the time and date of your visit;
  2. the length of time you visit for;
  3. domain information;
  4. the pages and the number of pages you have viewed;
  5. your ISP details;
  6. the number of times you visit our website within a month;
  7. your IP address or proxy server’s IP address;
  8. the number, type and size of files you view;
  9. basic information regarding the website that referred you to our website;
  10. the version and type of internet browser you are currently using; and
  11. information about the type of operating system your computer uses.

This information is only used for statistical and website development purposes. This data is not associated with any specific personal identity. This information is primarily used for business analysis so Zipline Design can improve user relationships by providing a more effective and efficient service.   

What is Covered by this Privacy Statement 

This Privacy Policy applies to all websites owned or operated by Zipline Design . It also covers information collected through any other means. Zipline Design/Endowery website may provide links to third party or affiliate websites. If you access those websites using links found on Zipline Design/Endowery website you leave Zipline Design/Endowery website and the protection of the Zipline Design privacy policy. Zipline Design does not control the privacy policy of third party websites, nor does it endorse the content of third party websites or make any representation about third party websites or the content located on any third party website in any way.   

How Your Information is Kept Secure 

EP protects sensitive financial information transferred to the Zipline Design/Endowery website. Credit card and other financial information are used only to process user payments. Zipline Design does not retain credit card details and does not use this information for any other purpose. All references to Zipline Design in this Privacy Policy refer to Zipline Design Business Registration 56953528-000-11-20-4

Please note that the above Privacy Policy may change over time. If there is any matter or concern not clarified in these “Terms and Policies” or should you wish to contact us, then:

email us at: or telephone us on +(852) 67628105

We will get back to you as soon as possible.  

(Document last updated 28 Nov 2020)